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My Effective Workout Diet For My Weight Loss Routine

So you have decided to finally start exercising to lose weight. The chances are you have already told my articles about 6 guaranteed exercises to lose weight and weight loss exercises for busy people. But working out alone does not help in losing weight unless you control your food intake. It is a known fact that calorie intake is much more easier than losing calories. It takes a healthy amount of exercise to lose 500 calories but only a small ice-cream to gain it back.

Fruits Can Be Eaten At Night

You must be thinking that what are the foods that will set you on the path to weight loss. Well coming from a family with many doctors and having some prior bodybuilding experience, I definitely have a few tips to share about weight loss diets. There are certain foods that if taken regularly will satisfy your daily calorie needs without piling on the fat. If you are exercising then you will need foods that give you considerable energy to workout and perform your daily chores effectively.

The last time I set out to lose some Pounds, I did so with some light exercising and a very effective diet. I am going to share the same with you here. Some adjustments to the diet may be necessary as young people need more energy than aged people. Being a grown male, I need around 2600 Calorie per day to function properly. If you are a woman, you will need 500 – 600 calories less than me. There is a myth that to lose weight, you need to take less than your daily requirement calories. Well, it’s a BLATANT LIE! The fact that you are overweight means you have been taking more calories than needed for a long time. For weight loss, all you need to do is eat the right amount of calories and work out to shed off the existing fat.

Well, here is my diet for the whole day if you are doing light workout everyday:

1) Breakfast: Start with a glass of warm water. If you plan to exercise in the morning then after having the water, have half a glass of milk and two fiber biscuits 10 – 15 minutes later. Working out on an empty stomach is not healthy. After the exercise have a toast with low fat butter or some other spread and two boiled eggs. You can conclude the breakfast with a large glass of fresh fruit juice or some fruit salad. I personally prefer the salad.

If you are lactose intolerant then instead of milk drink fruit juices. Drink fresh fruit juice instead of boxed ones. A basic juicer does not cost much money and there are many varieties in the market. Some people prefer bacon and salami in the morning but I personally never preferred meat in the breakfast.

2) Lunch: Since I used to be in office during lunch hours, my choices were considerably limited. The same might be the case for you. But no matter where you are, getting a bowl of salad should not be a problem now-a-days. Usually it is said that breakfast should be largest meal of the day. I have always had problems with eating too heavily in the morning. So I topped of my lunch and then took it easy during dinner.

milk and eggs

Some pieces of bacon, boiled egg, boiled chicken and lentils can be your weapon of choice for protein requirements. Boiled vegetables might be unavailable in the office cafeteria so you can consider boiling some vegetables in the morning and take it to work with you. Add a dash of pepper and salt to the vegetables for taste.

3) Evening Snack: It is probably the most dangerous meal in terms of weight loss. It is difficult to consider something eat during those hours in the evening and likely you will only get unhealthy snacks for consumption in the office. One unhealthy meal in the evening can offset 2 – 3 days worth of hard-work.

The solution I opted was an all fruits snack for evenings. Apples, bananas and something like lime or oranges. Banana is considered a super fruit which can fill you up very quickly without adding much calories. Take those fruits with you when you leave for work or college. Eat just the amount required to take the edge off your hunger. Over indulging on the snacks can disrupt your dinner which is very important.


4) Dinner: A light dinner is advised if you are in the weight loss mode. The main reason being that after the consumption of dinner, you will spend 7 – 8 hours sleeping. You will not lose any energy or calorie during this time so whatever extra calories you take in dinner will likely stay in your body. My choice of dinner was small and equal portions of meat, vegetables and juice.

Trying to get calories off fruits, meat and vegetables is always better. Avoid rice and wheat as long as possible. This diet was pretty healthy for me too. I was able to get the proteins and vitamins from the meat, milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables. A combination of meat and vegetable gave me all the essential Amino acids. I avoided fried and oily foods like sin during this period.


1) Fresh fruit juices are a must. Packed juices do not offer any real nutrition to our bodies.

2) Since you are breaking your normal intake of high carbs and high fat, your body will rebel this change. You must fight the urge to overeat.

3) I used to have milk and eggs at the same time without any problems. But some people might feel acidity after taking this high-protein combination. If this happens, remove one of the two from your diet list or take milk in the evening.

4) Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration resulting from exercises.

This diet chart was made by me and for me. It worked pretty well as far as I can tell. I never felt any loss of energy during this regime. There were a number of time when I felt the urge to overeat or fall back to my old routine but it was willpower that kept going. When you feel those urges, and you will for sure, just picture in your mind the type of body you want to have. That will keep you on the track.

Will It Be Easy For Me To Lose Weight?

In my short life so far, I have always been able to shed off the extra weight whenever i got a tad overweight. But then again, I had never been too much overweight in my life. So some healthy diet, outdoor sports and some freehand exercises always took care of the extra pounds. But the situation is not too rosy at this moment. I started eating fatty foods and eating them too much around six months back. So the end result is that right now I am a whale that cannot see its toes standing straight. At my height my ideal weight should be 72 to 75 Kgs. But right now I am a whooping 92 Kgs or 203 Pounds. I get tired by climbing only one flight of stairs and can no longer run more than five seconds.

Well, I have been meaning to start working out and also have been procrastinating the shit out of it. Every night before going to bed I plan to start a new fit life in the next morning. But every morning I love my pillow and bed even more. So the result has been as it should have been. But whatever it is, it does not feel good. The worst of it is the plumped up belly. It does not let me wear my body hugging t-shirts any more. I have had to buy new size 34 jeans as the older ones do not fit. Well, in a word, it “Sucks”!

But now the time has come to finally do something about it. It’s time to rip those fats to the shreds, get back that fit body and great stamina. But as it is always said, it is easier said than done. So I have to make a nice plan and stick to it. Exercise in the morning and evening, healthy foods, more greenies in the diet and tons of water. Oh and my office is at the 7th floor of the building. So it seems I will have to climb up and down the stairs at least a couple of times every day.

The goal is to first get down to the eighties. Getting to exact 80 Kgs would be great but keeping it short and realistic is the key here. If my weight reaches 84 or 85 in a couple of months, that would be great going. After reaching 80, I will need to start weight training for further weight loss and convert the remaining fat into muscles.

Well, here I stand, 92 Kgs heavy on 10th Aug 2013. Tomorrow will be the start of a tough few months for me physically. I wrote this down so that I can refer to this whenever I stray from my goal. If anyone is reading this, feel free to join my goal by cheering for me or if you are also overweight, we can do this together. What can be better than a buddy who is gunning for a common goal. Stay tuned as I will post the progress report regularly. Wish me luck guys!