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Is There A Walter White Inside Each Of Us?

I am a big fan of the TV show “Breaking Bad”. Over the years I have seen many Emmy winner shows on TV and many Oscar winning movies as well but none has shaken me from the core as has this show. This little stroke of genius made me rethink my life in more than one ways. Now I believe that there is light and dark, yin and yang inside each of us. A lot of us have done things that we are not amazingly proud of and wouldn’t repeat those mistakes ever in our lives. But sometimes a question bugs me. Are those rare moments of relentlessness who we really are? Are these socially acceptable good guy images just fronts that so carefully and effectively hide our animal instincts?

And when I say socially acceptable, the question that rises to mind is why society is so important? Do we do things just so that we do not get alienated? Is it really the way to live a life? And by doing whatever we want I never for a second mean criminal activities. Walter was dealing in drugs because he had no choice. He had to make a lot of money in very little time and that was his best option. But that situation? Is not it the fault of the society to make good medical facility not affordable to a dedicated teacher like him? Each year thousands of law abiding middle class men die from diseases like cancer just because their jobs cannot pay their medical bills. And if they decide to take things in their own hands fight back, the society just says that they have gone rogue and shuns them.

Walter White

Walter’s changed attitude, however, is something we can all learn from. A lot of times in our lives, we do not get what we want just because we are afraid to claim what is rightfully ours. We let that one mean friend always take the best piece of the cake. We reluctantly agree to work weekends because we cannot stand up to our bosses and are afraid to lose our jobs. We are afraid to leave our cozy homes and pursue our dreams because we are afraid of losing what we already have, even though if it is not what we really want. What Breaking Bad taught me is to fight for what I believe is mine, to not to be afraid of putting in the extra effort,

I will never be able to Walt’s attitude in the second season episode when he goes to the mall to shop plumbing stuff. When he catches that guy buying supplies for cooking meth, first his attitude as a chemistry teacher comes out. He instructs him on how to get the best ingredients and how to shop so that he does not get caught. But soon his “Heisenberg” attitude takes over. The attitude that tells him protect his territory, to protect the business he built through physical, mental and psychological effort.

When he goes outside to give those guys to give piece of his mind, he is confronted by a badass dude. That guys must have been in many street fights, has a long rap sheet and probably won’t hesitate to punch a guy in the face, over and over. But as Walt stood their, holding his ground, meaning business, even that guy was not sure whether to mess with Walt or not. Walt’s dialogue “Stay away from my territory” has done more for me than all the teachings from my parents and teachers. It taught me that if you really stand for what you want, there won’t be many people who would want to mess with you. I would love to cherish this realization throughout my life.