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Mars Colonization Project Is Now In Progress

I had posted a blog about the necessity of space colonization not too long ago. It just seemed to be the right and logical way forward. And today, I got to know about the Mars One project. As per the information I got, it is a non-profit foundation that is trying to gather the human and technical resource to successfully place living people on the red planet.

Of course it sounds easier than it is. There are tons of considerations to make. The first and most important is the environment of Mars. Mars’s air has 99% Carbon-di-Oxide which is not suitable for humans at all.¬† Unless a solid scientific plan is in place to somehow lessen the CO2 in the atmosphere or convert it into Oxygen, the project is as good as doomed. Supplying Oxygen from Earth is a tall order and very unlikely to satisfy the needs in time.

Other than that, Mars weather has been known to display a hostile nature. Fierce wind flows are natural on this planet and sometimes they can blow as fast as tornado. These info was gathered by the rover Pathfinder, if people still remember it. We have still not been able to tame the nature on Earth itself, how can we do so on Mars? These are some of the important points that the Mars One patrons need to ponder upon a lot before they can go forward with anything concrete.

Mars planet picture

But they do have time on their side. The colonization Mars trip is supposed to launch anywhere between 2020 to 2023. So a good 6 – 9 years are there to iron out all the wrinkles and make the project viable. After all, there will be manned spaceships and nobody would want the bold volunteers to die horrific deaths in the space.

As per news released by the project, they are taking applications from all over the world. All you need is to be over 18 years of age and make a donation of 7 USD to the foundation. It is a very small sum and I will be happy to part with the money even if it gives me a .0000001% chance of actually visiting Mars. The humongous amount of money needed to launch the project will be gathered from sponsors, news channels and other charities. You can apply for a spot here.

While going through the plans of the foundation again, one thought suddenly crossed the mind. What if it is the biggest con job of history so far? I mean foundation runners can always fall back to the fact that it is a improbable task from the beginning and it just did not fructify. And people are not likely to fret over 7USD. The foundation however would have made millions, if not more. As per latest information, there are already 78,000 applications in place which means around 4,50,000 USD has already been accumulated.

But if there is any hope that the project will try to get people to Mars, I am all for it. At least it will be a step forward in the right direction. The foundation will supposedly start training chosen applicants for life on Mars from 2015 onwards. But they will also need to check out the living conditions of Mars in detail by probably sending another rover to its surface. We will probably have to wait a couple of more years to see if this outrageous project is hot or not.