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Why Are New PC Video Games Easier To Play With Gamepads And Joysticks

Well, it’s another great year for video game fans. After a loooong time, a new Mortal Kombat game is out, GTA V is knocking on the doors and so on. But it is also time for me to write about a thing that has been bugging for a long time. Just as the title of this blog says, I have watch many recent PC games work better with gamepads than with Keyboard and Mouse. Now in my mind I have been thinking, why the hell is it like that?


Personally I am a very big fan of Soccer games like the Fifa series and Pro Evolution Soccer series. While PES has always been tilted towards the gamepads, I had no problems playing Fifa with keyboard till the Fifa 11 version. But then Fifa 2012 came out and I was bamboozled. No matter how hard I tried, I was not able to even pass the ball properly using keyboard, let alone score a goal and win a match. So in the end, I had to break a decade long rule of mine, to play a PC game with a controller. I was easier to play but sad nonetheless.

Not only Fifa, the classic Beat’em Up games like Street Fighter are also becoming harder and harder to play with Keyboard. You can hardly do a combo without using a gamepad. Sometimes there are games that play quite well with the Keyboard – Mouse combination but some parts of the game are very difficult to play with them. For example the hugely popular Far Cry 3 is very nice to play on PC but driving the car with keyboard is a pain in the behind. Only gamepads can take care of this problem.

I have been thinking, why is it happening? The best answer that comes to mind is that the game developers now make cross-platform games. The console versions are almost always more stable than their PC counterparts. Unlike consoles, there can be an endless number of combinations for different PC hardware and software. So the bugs and glitches are more prevalent in PC versions and developers have to keep churning out bug fixes on a regular basis to support buyers. While for console versions, the hardware and software are standard globally and there is almost no chance that a game running on a PS 3 in the US will not run on a PS 3 in Singapore.

May be making PC games gamepad dependent is the developers’ way of pushing gamers towards consoles. But for hardcore PC gamers like us, we will not go down without a fight. And at the same time, it is a sincere plea to the developers that please make PC games playable using keyboard and mouse only.

Devil’s Third is soon to be released on multiple platforms including PC

Valhalla Game Studios’ Devil’s Third, a third person shooter / hack and slash game that went into development in 2009 is soon to be released worldwide on multiple platforms including PC. The game has been in development for three years now and launched its first trailers in E3 2010 raising expectations all around.

Devil's Third game

The game was supposed to be launched by THQ. But according to recent news, THQ has relinquished its rights to the Devil’s Third franchise and the rights have been reinstated to the original developers Valhalla Game Studios. Whether this THQ move was fueled by the unusually long development time is a matter of speculation. On the plus side however, there are certain indications from the developers that the game might see the light of day soon.

Satoshi Kanematsu, CEO of Valhalla Games, said the following on the developers’ website – “To all our fans and members of the industry, we greatly appreciate your support… We will continue to do our best to fulfill your expectations, and we sincerely hope for your continued encouragement and support”.

In recent communications, Valhalla mentioned that the development is still under progress. But it will get launched soon on many platforms. Good news for PC owners as the game comes out on PC, however recent PC releases of some titles have seen configuration issues as the developers are now encouraging PC owners to use gamepads instead of keyboard. If it is really fun to play a third person shooter game using gamepad is a matter of debate. Whether Devil’s Third adopts any such technique is yet to be seen.

Devil's third screenshot PS3

The first official trailer for the game was unveiled at E3 2010. The trailer showed some sweet moves with crisp graphics.  The combination of third person shooting and hack and slash in the same game seems pretty cool. If the controls are not tricky and if there is a decent storyline then this game should be a blast to play. The game studio has not revealed any storyline though so the replay value can not be assumed as of now.

Kanematsu has confirmed that he is envisioning the Devil’s Third as something more than just another PC game. He is planning manga, novels, animes and probably mainstream movies to expand the franchise. With such ambitions, it is highly likely that the game will spawn sequels. But we have to wait and see the public reception of the game first. Historically, titles that spend too much time in development have a tendency of bombing upon launching (remember Duke Nukem, Dead Island).

Valhalla has taken the first step right though, by appointing Tomonobu Itagaki of Dead Or Alive fame, to handle the Devil’s Third franchise. All in all things aren’t looking bad. Now we just need to wait for the game to come to the shelf. I will update you with a review as soon as possible. Till then enjoy this trailer of Devil’s Third 😉