About the author

Hi, I am Soumyajit DasMazumdar. I work as a software engineer. I look at myself as a techie with a entrepreneurial mindset. Previously I had made a few blogs but did not keep them updated due to time issues or lack of interest. But this one is my most current blog and I plan to take it places I always wanted to.

I was born and brought up in a large family. My father and a brother are doctors. My sister us an MBA in HR and works for M.N.Cs. I chose software engineering as my career because I thought my love for PC games would transpire into an interest in coding. Currently I work for an M.N.C as an SAP technical consultant.

I have always wanted to start and run my own business venture. Like my blogs, I had started a few ventures but did not follow through with any of them. I am still looking for that one venture that will tickle my interest and make me follow through all the way to the end.

I found my interest in writing when I started working as a freelance content writer to earn extra cash. Soon that love for writing brought me more clients and made this blog happen. It was sitting barren for a year and I thought sprucing it up was the next natural step. I am also a regular contributor to Ezinearticles.com and gunning to be a platinum writer there.

I see myself as a movie script writer five years down the line. I have a goal to visit every country in the world before I die. I am willing to work as hard as I need to in order to meet this goal.

I love playing PC games, playing soccer, listening to music, riding my bike, going on long trips and watching comedy movies. So that is me!  : )

  1. Enjoyed reading. Keep it up.

  2. Dear friend I want to start unit of making flavoured sodas can you help me ?

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