My Strategies To Drive Safely While Drunk

First things first, I do not support or condone drunk driving. It is dangerous. Period. I have seen a friend lose his eye and another, his life while driving under influence. It is not worth it and should be avoided at all costs. We all know the basic routines when it comes to strategies to prevent drunk driving. Crash at your friend’s place, keep a designated driver, gather at a bar close to your home, call a cab etc.

drunk driving

But let’s face it, we have always faced the situation when we visit a bar with friends for just a couple of beers. But soon the situation takes over and before you know anything, its 11 PM in the night. You are considerable drunk, drove to the place in your car or bike alone and there is no place around where you can spend the night. So the only choice you have is hobble inside your car and hope for the best. But there are a few tricks that I use when I am stuck in such a situation. Hopefully they will help you too.

General tricks:

1) Drink lots of water along with your drinks. This will help you in two ways. First, you will not be able to drink as much as you would probably have. Second, you will be soberer than you should. It will make you visit the loo more often but that is definitely better than risking your life.

2) Ask for a glass of lemon water before leaving. No lemonade, no sweeteners or flavors, just plain lemon water. Drink the glass as fast as you can. Lemon is effective against hangovers and from my experience, this lemon water will clear up your head to some extent. Driving is a complex reflex action and you may not need your brain functioning at a 100%. Just enough to see you through to home.

Lemon Water

3) Washing your face is a well-known solution. But you know what you got to do? Have you ever seen those face wash and beauty cream ads and how those girls splash water on their faces? yes that’s what you need to do. And aim the water for your open eyes. A few cold splashes of water in your eyes should take the edge off the liquor.

4) If you have done everything else and still feel quite inebriated, vomit! Just put your fingers in your throat and vomit it out. It will prevent the situation from going worse as time progresses and the effort it takes to vomit should wake you up considerably.

If You are driving a car:

1) Turn off the AC. Keep the windows barely open so that it does not get sweaty and stuffy inside the car but the air does not hit our right in the face. Cold breeze after drinking will make you fall asleep faster than the Chronicles of Narnia lullaby.

2) Keep the radio turned off. I have seen that while drunk, mind tends to focus on unimportant things too much like a music coming from a distance or the song on a radio. You want to be fully focused on the road and nothing else.

3) Munch on something. It could be a chocolate bar or a pack of chips. The idea is to have some action going as sitting behind a wheel can be pretty boring.

4) If you feel losing control, pull over at the side of the road. Get out of the car, walk around it, shake your head and do what ever it takes to drive away the dizziness. Walking will also increase blood supply to your brain and help it function better.

drunk riding

If you are riding a bike:

1) It’s a lot worse then a car but you have no choice I presume. So wear a helmet. It can save your life and also it will stop the air from hitting you on the face. best thing to do is pull down the visor of the helmet for added safety.

2) Try singing or whistling a song while bobbing your head in rhythm. This is the best action you can get while riding a bike drunk.

3) Drive slow so that you can stop at any time you want.

4) If you feel losing control, pull over at the side of the road. Park the bike, walk around it, shake your head and do what ever it takes to drive away the dizziness. Walking will also increase blood supply to your brain and help it function better.

These are the tips I follow and so far they have worked like a charm for me. But again, I do not promote or condone drinking and driving. If you know you are going to drink in the evening, make plans beforehand for your safe return. Take to driving and riding only if all else fails. Apply my techniques mentioned above and you should live to see the next sunrise.

About Soumyajit DasMazumdar

Soumyajit is a software engineer with a flare for writing. He loves to experience new things in life. Gaming, travelling and cooking are his passions. Catch him on Facebook, Twitter or on his Google+ account!

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  1. Very nice advise, it would really work.
    its very hard to follow, when drunk.
    🙂 🙂

  2. One more tip…dont go beyond 3rd gear

  3. Understand that you can still get boned pulling this off. I got a DUI after getting pulled over for expired registration. I only blew a .09. Shit happens.

  4. What about driving a school bus??

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