Why Do I Have Midnight Cravings For Rum Or Chicken Wings?

This has been going on with me for quite sometime. I can understand one part of it fine but the other one completely perplexes me on so many levels. I am a foodie. I love to eat. Period. And by food I mean real honest to god tasty, succulent pieces of non-vegetarian delicacies. Not veggies or something. Well I love those occasional veg dishes but they are not a part of my staple diet. I love fried meat, roasted meat, grilled meat or meat in any form as long as they are tasty and edible. I do love my Sashimi, fish and eggs too. In fact I am all about oily, greasy, tasty mouth watering food.

Bacon and sausages in breakfast can make my whole day go better. I can make truce with the biggest enemy if he is bringing over a bowl of caviar. Mmmm!! Oh and lots of cream on my toast to go with the bacon and sausages. Butter really helps too. If you have read my previous blog about me getting overweight over the last six months, honestly it is because one too many of these cheese, butter and oil fests. So I believe I by now I have established my food habits and my claims of being a “Gourmet”.

For those of you in shock over the food I intake, well, what can I honestly do! I stay away from family, cook my own food, love anything that pleases the taste buds (Carbohydrates are notorious for that) so it was almost obvious that I would delve much deeper into those gratifying chunks of meat rather than a perfectly cooked piece of broccoli. So I believe it is not a big deal if I suddenly feel like putting my teeth into a large hunk of grilled lamb or chomp on some hot chicken wings in the middle of the night. Totally OK or should I say totally predictable.

But seriously, what’s up with the Rum? I do not love drinking. I do drink, occasionally, like once in two months or so. And whenever I drink, I almost always get the rum. Not sure why though. Maybe because it’s the first hard drink I had or because I can identify with it a lot more. The way rum works is a lot like how I love to mingle with people. Slow and steady. Whiskey can sometimes hit like 12 gauge shotgun. But I love the rum. Best of all, it does not leave a hangover. Brownie points for that.

On other days of the month , I am more of a red wine guy. Not because of the taste or the effect or anything. Just because it makes me feel rich and successful. Maybe it’s because of those movies or TV dramas showing business tycoons and drug lords set down with a glass of wine in front of the fireplace after a sumptuous dinner and talk business. I love to do that too. A glass of wine after dinner in front of the TV makes me feel like I am sitting in the living room of my penthouse with a few Bentleys and Porsches in the garage and a helicopter on the helipad behind the place. I really feel powerful at those moments. Hell I might even give great business suggestions and sound investment advice during those “Wine Sessions”.

But the fact remains that I am not an alcoholic. I enjoy the occasional drinks with friends but I really just hate the taste of alcohols. Beer, Rum, Whiskey, Scotch whatever. Corona beer is the only thing that i can tolerate to some extent but anything else, no. And I do not get drunk easily too. So there is no point for me throwing money down the gutter. Just yesterday, I got myself some Tequilla and did 5 quick shots. But nope, nothing! Not even a buzz! And boy does that shit taste bad!

So you get the point. But I still can’t understand the cravings. And I am not even sure those are cravings for Rum. It could be any liquor. But why? Why me of all people? Do I need to visit a doctor or a shrink? I don’t know. Maybe its just an alter ego of me trying to set free and booze all he wants. I mean much like Walter White in Breaking Bad. Well someday soon, I might break bad too. In a whole different way though!


About Soumyajit DasMazumdar

Soumyajit is a software engineer with a flare for writing. He loves to experience new things in life. Gaming, travelling and cooking are his passions. Catch him on Facebook, Twitter or on his Google+ account!

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  1. We all have these cravings…nothing to be ashamed of 🙂

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