Will It Be Easy For Me To Lose Weight?

In my short life so far, I have always been able to shed off the extra weight whenever i got a tad overweight. But then again, I had never been too much overweight in my life. So some healthy diet, outdoor sports and some freehand exercises always took care of the extra pounds. But the situation is not too rosy at this moment. I started eating fatty foods and eating them too much around six months back. So the end result is that right now I am a whale that cannot see its toes standing straight. At my height my ideal weight should be 72 to 75 Kgs. But right now I am a whooping 92 Kgs or 203 Pounds. I get tired by climbing only one flight of stairs and can no longer run more than five seconds.

Well, I have been meaning to start working out and also have been procrastinating the shit out of it. Every night before going to bed I plan to start a new fit life in the next morning. But every morning I love my pillow and bed even more. So the result has been as it should have been. But whatever it is, it does not feel good. The worst of it is the plumped up belly. It does not let me wear my body hugging t-shirts any more. I have had to buy new size 34 jeans as the older ones do not fit. Well, in a word, it “Sucks”!

But now the time has come to finally do something about it. It’s time to rip those fats to the shreds, get back that fit body and great stamina. But as it is always said, it is easier said than done. So I have to make a nice plan and stick to it. Exercise in the morning and evening, healthy foods, more greenies in the diet and tons of water. Oh and my office is at the 7th floor of the building. So it seems I will have to climb up and down the stairs at least a couple of times every day.

The goal is to first get down to the eighties. Getting to exact 80 Kgs would be great but keeping it short and realistic is the key here. If my weight reaches 84 or 85 in a couple of months, that would be great going. After reaching 80, I will need to start weight training for further weight loss and convert the remaining fat into muscles.

Well, here I stand, 92 Kgs heavy on 10th Aug 2013. Tomorrow will be the start of a tough few months for me physically. I wrote this down so that I can refer to this whenever I stray from my goal. If anyone is reading this, feel free to join my goal by cheering for me or if you are also overweight, we can do this together. What can be better than a buddy who is gunning for a common goal. Stay tuned as I will post the progress report regularly. Wish me luck guys!


About Soumyajit DasMazumdar

Soumyajit is a software engineer with a flare for writing. He loves to experience new things in life. Gaming, travelling and cooking are his passions. Catch him on Facebook, Twitter or on his Google+ account!

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  3. So, any update in your weight loss?? :p

    • I was thinking of sharing but haven’t had the time to check my weight 🙂 I have controlled my diet somewhat and stopped eating too much butter or oil. I am also climbing stairs and walking regularly. I do feel a bit lighter 😀

  4. Nothing fruitful is easy. But forget about what you are sacrificing and put your focus on actions…it will then be a cakewalk.

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