Why Space Colonization Is Now A Necessity?

Well, a lot of talks have been going on for decades about the impending space colonization. Movies after movies have been created based on this fact. We have loads of sci-fi books, TV series and comics dedicated to humans finally conquering the space and making it their homes. Video games have gone one step ahead and have allowed us to create civilizations on the soils of distant planets and travel to nearby star systems in search of allies, trades and expansion. Distant space travels have surely become a cult-classic topic and a material of assured nerdgasm. As much as it is one of the best fantasies a child can have, there are reasons why we as a civilization need to take a more serious approach when it comes to space travel.


It was way back in 1969 when man set his first steps on the soils of Moon. A whooping 44 years ago. Many people and scientists thought at that time that space invasion was just a matter of years. Unfortunately that has not played exactly as per the wishes. Yes, we have seen hundreds of satellites launched and stable space stations. the Hubble is providing us with tons of information about the space almost on a daily basis. But sadly, all the efforts have been more or less concentrated towards earth itself. Now, space colonization is not an easy thing, in fact, an extremely difficult and expensive undertaking. But the needs have risen very fast due to our own irresponsible actions.

None can deny the fact that we humans have abused the planet earth like anything. We are on the verge of destroying the marine ecosystem, forests are thinning faster than a middle aged man’s hair and huge gaping holes are there in the Ozone layer. We have increased population too much too fast and now there is hardly any place left for it to grow anymore without disturbing the environment. Medical science has improved drastically lengthening the lives of people while newborn deaths have been cut down by large percentages. The sure shot outcome of this is more load on the population, more food, energy and space requirements and eventually more molestation of the planet.

If we continue to go like this, the day might be near when we have to adopt any of the following ways to save the planet:

  • Selective culling of people. People over a certain age and who are not contributing in a significant manner to the society will have to be put to “sleep” in order to make room for the contributing ones.
  • Forced birth control. Couples will be forced to live childless in order to lower burden on the society.
  • Wars to gain control over natural resources. Winner may eradicate the loser altogether to lessen the need to share the resources.
  • Destruction of the planet.

None of these are welcome scenarios, not by a long shot. So the other sane proposition is that we look elsewhere. It might be harsh to read but controlling ourselves and saving the planet is no more an option. We are way past that stage. Right now, we need to search the galaxy for habitable planets, build spaceships that can take us there and start a colony there. The numbers indicate that it is more than just a theory. There are innumerable stars and planets in the space, the space is, after all, infinite. So theories dictate that there has to be a large number planes orbiting a star in the “Goldi Locks Zone.” Even if there is a .01% possibility, we are looking at an infinite number of planets to choose from.

Sadly, when the efforts of all the smart men must be directed towards this, they are busy creating better weapons, faster fighter jets and sneakier submarines. It is high time they realized fighting over earth is not going to take them anywhere. It is better we find ourselves a few better planers, figure out how to get and live there and then fight over them. At least that will have a happy ending.

About Soumyajit DasMazumdar

Soumyajit is a software engineer with a flare for writing. He loves to experience new things in life. Gaming, travelling and cooking are his passions. Catch him on Facebook, Twitter or on his Google+ account!

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  1. Pushing the limit…that’s what humans have been doing for ages. Lets hope that it does not freak Mother Nature out.

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