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My Strategies To Drive Safely While Drunk

First things first, I do not support or condone drunk driving. It is dangerous. Period. I have seen a friend lose his eye and another, his life while driving under influence. It is not worth it and should be avoided at all costs. We all know the basic routines when it comes to strategies to prevent drunk driving. Crash at your friend’s place, keep a designated driver, gather at a bar close to your home, call a cab etc.

drunk driving

But let’s face it, we have always faced the situation when we visit a bar with friends for just a couple of beers. But soon the situation takes over and before you know anything, its 11 PM in the night. You are considerable drunk, drove to the place in your car or bike alone and there is no place around where you can spend the night. So the only choice you have is hobble inside your car and hope for the best. But there are a few tricks that I use when I am stuck in such a situation. Hopefully they will help you too.

General tricks:

1) Drink lots of water along with your drinks. This will help you in two ways. First, you will not be able to drink as much as you would probably have. Second, you will be soberer than you should. It will make you visit the loo more often but that is definitely better than risking your life.

2) Ask for a glass of lemon water before leaving. No lemonade, no sweeteners or flavors, just plain lemon water. Drink the glass as fast as you can. Lemon is effective against hangovers and from my experience, this lemon water will clear up your head to some extent. Driving is a complex reflex action and you may not need your brain functioning at a 100%. Just enough to see you through to home.

Lemon Water

3) Washing your face is a well-known solution. But you know what you got to do? Have you ever seen those face wash and beauty cream ads and how those girls splash water on their faces? yes that’s what you need to do. And aim the water for your open eyes. A few cold splashes of water in your eyes should take the edge off the liquor.

4) If you have done everything else and still feel quite inebriated, vomit! Just put your fingers in your throat and vomit it out. It will prevent the situation from going worse as time progresses and the effort it takes to vomit should wake you up considerably.

If You are driving a car:

1) Turn off the AC. Keep the windows barely open so that it does not get sweaty and stuffy inside the car but the air does not hit our right in the face. Cold breeze after drinking will make you fall asleep faster than the Chronicles of Narnia lullaby.

2) Keep the radio turned off. I have seen that while drunk, mind tends to focus on unimportant things too much like a music coming from a distance or the song on a radio. You want to be fully focused on the road and nothing else.

3) Munch on something. It could be a chocolate bar or a pack of chips. The idea is to have some action going as sitting behind a wheel can be pretty boring.

4) If you feel losing control, pull over at the side of the road. Get out of the car, walk around it, shake your head and do what ever it takes to drive away the dizziness. Walking will also increase blood supply to your brain and help it function better.

drunk riding

If you are riding a bike:

1) It’s a lot worse then a car but you have no choice I presume. So wear a helmet. It can save your life and also it will stop the air from hitting you on the face. best thing to do is pull down the visor of the helmet for added safety.

2) Try singing or whistling a song while bobbing your head in rhythm. This is the best action you can get while riding a bike drunk.

3) Drive slow so that you can stop at any time you want.

4) If you feel losing control, pull over at the side of the road. Park the bike, walk around it, shake your head and do what ever it takes to drive away the dizziness. Walking will also increase blood supply to your brain and help it function better.

These are the tips I follow and so far they have worked like a charm for me. But again, I do not promote or condone drinking and driving. If you know you are going to drink in the evening, make plans beforehand for your safe return. Take to driving and riding only if all else fails. Apply my techniques mentioned above and you should live to see the next sunrise.

My Effective Workout Diet For My Weight Loss Routine

So you have decided to finally start exercising to lose weight. The chances are you have already told my articles about 6 guaranteed exercises to lose weight and weight loss exercises for busy people. But working out alone does not help in losing weight unless you control your food intake. It is a known fact that calorie intake is much more easier than losing calories. It takes a healthy amount of exercise to lose 500 calories but only a small ice-cream to gain it back.

Fruits Can Be Eaten At Night

You must be thinking that what are the foods that will set you on the path to weight loss. Well coming from a family with many doctors and having some prior bodybuilding experience, I definitely have a few tips to share about weight loss diets. There are certain foods that if taken regularly will satisfy your daily calorie needs without piling on the fat. If you are exercising then you will need foods that give you considerable energy to workout and perform your daily chores effectively.

The last time I set out to lose some Pounds, I did so with some light exercising and a very effective diet. I am going to share the same with you here. Some adjustments to the diet may be necessary as young people need more energy than aged people. Being a grown male, I need around 2600 Calorie per day to function properly. If you are a woman, you will need 500 – 600 calories less than me. There is a myth that to lose weight, you need to take less than your daily requirement calories. Well, it’s a BLATANT LIE! The fact that you are overweight means you have been taking more calories than needed for a long time. For weight loss, all you need to do is eat the right amount of calories and work out to shed off the existing fat.

Well, here is my diet for the whole day if you are doing light workout everyday:

1) Breakfast: Start with a glass of warm water. If you plan to exercise in the morning then after having the water, have half a glass of milk and two fiber biscuits 10 – 15 minutes later. Working out on an empty stomach is not healthy. After the exercise have a toast with low fat butter or some other spread and two boiled eggs. You can conclude the breakfast with a large glass of fresh fruit juice or some fruit salad. I personally prefer the salad.

If you are lactose intolerant then instead of milk drink fruit juices. Drink fresh fruit juice instead of boxed ones. A basic juicer does not cost much money and there are many varieties in the market. Some people prefer bacon and salami in the morning but I personally never preferred meat in the breakfast.

2) Lunch: Since I used to be in office during lunch hours, my choices were considerably limited. The same might be the case for you. But no matter where you are, getting a bowl of salad should not be a problem now-a-days. Usually it is said that breakfast should be largest meal of the day. I have always had problems with eating too heavily in the morning. So I topped of my lunch and then took it easy during dinner.

milk and eggs

Some pieces of bacon, boiled egg, boiled chicken and lentils can be your weapon of choice for protein requirements. Boiled vegetables might be unavailable in the office cafeteria so you can consider boiling some vegetables in the morning and take it to work with you. Add a dash of pepper and salt to the vegetables for taste.

3) Evening Snack: It is probably the most dangerous meal in terms of weight loss. It is difficult to consider something eat during those hours in the evening and likely you will only get unhealthy snacks for consumption in the office. One unhealthy meal in the evening can offset 2 – 3 days worth of hard-work.

The solution I opted was an all fruits snack for evenings. Apples, bananas and something like lime or oranges. Banana is considered a super fruit which can fill you up very quickly without adding much calories. Take those fruits with you when you leave for work or college. Eat just the amount required to take the edge off your hunger. Over indulging on the snacks can disrupt your dinner which is very important.


4) Dinner: A light dinner is advised if you are in the weight loss mode. The main reason being that after the consumption of dinner, you will spend 7 – 8 hours sleeping. You will not lose any energy or calorie during this time so whatever extra calories you take in dinner will likely stay in your body. My choice of dinner was small and equal portions of meat, vegetables and juice.

Trying to get calories off fruits, meat and vegetables is always better. Avoid rice and wheat as long as possible. This diet was pretty healthy for me too. I was able to get the proteins and vitamins from the meat, milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables. A combination of meat and vegetable gave me all the essential Amino acids. I avoided fried and oily foods like sin during this period.


1) Fresh fruit juices are a must. Packed juices do not offer any real nutrition to our bodies.

2) Since you are breaking your normal intake of high carbs and high fat, your body will rebel this change. You must fight the urge to overeat.

3) I used to have milk and eggs at the same time without any problems. But some people might feel acidity after taking this high-protein combination. If this happens, remove one of the two from your diet list or take milk in the evening.

4) Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration resulting from exercises.

This diet chart was made by me and for me. It worked pretty well as far as I can tell. I never felt any loss of energy during this regime. There were a number of time when I felt the urge to overeat or fall back to my old routine but it was willpower that kept going. When you feel those urges, and you will for sure, just picture in your mind the type of body you want to have. That will keep you on the track.

Earning Money From Internet Is Not A Myth

Many people believe that earning money from internet while working from home is not possible. This belief is often fueled by some articles that suggest that almost all online money making schemes are scams. Yes there are a lot of hidden dangers and pitfalls lurking in the internet but if approached properly, earning money by working online is very possible. Here I will present some of the best and safest way to make money online. There are plenty of people already doing it in a legitimate way and plenty will do in the future. If you want to be one of those people, keep reading.

make money online

1) Freelance Writing

It is a great way to earn money. The best thing about online freelance writing or content writing is that your earnings are directly proportionate to your skills and efforts. Good writers can easily make 5 to 10 USD per 500 words. if you put in the long hours and write 15 – 20 articles each day then earning 100 USD per day is quite easy. Not bad right?

There are many websites out there that connect employers with freelance writers. The topics can be anything. If you work well and satisfy your clients then long-term work is almost guaranteed. Always remember that there are more writing jobs on the internet than there are quality writers. Do a web search and choose a good legitimate website. Create your profile there, list your skills and start bidding for projects. Some websites provide almost 20 USD per article but require equally good quality of writing.

2) By Starting And Maintaining A Blog

Blog or Weblog was started to allow people keep an online journal of their thoughts and interests. But it has evolved greatly over the last decade and currently blog is one of the most powerful sources of information. Many people write blogs and some of the sites become very popular. Once a blog gets popular, it can rent some of its page space for advertisements and earn money through them.

There are companies that will post some links on your blog at random positions based on keywords. If any reader clicks the links while reading the blog, they generate money for you. If your blog has a good number of ardent followers then it can be a profitable move. Usually you will not have to pay anything in order to get those links in your blog.

money stack

3) By Implementing Google Adsense

You must have seen some websites where Google ads relevant to the content of the website are shown on its pages. Well, that is Google Adsense for you. Adsense is as legitimate as it gets when it comes to earning money from your website or your blog. But their policies are quite strict. Read them thoroughly and if you believe your blog qualifies the requirements, go for it. Once implemented, it will surely generate some money on a regular basis.

4) By Selling Handcrafted Goods On The Internet

If you have knack for handcrafting different things then online selling might be the right option for you. Many people make soaps, toys, greeting cards and other stuff at home. By creating a website or renting a webpage, you can create a virtual store for your products. You will be amazed at how many people might want to buy your products.

The website will also work as a promotional tool so that your neighbors and town folk get to know about your skills. Unless you establish a home delivery and payment system on your website, they will be the main people buying your products. Alternately, you can open a boutique or a small fast food takeaway joint at your home and take the orders online. In both the cases, the earnings should be quite good.

questionnaire and computer mouse, business concept

5) By Taking Online Surveys

This is bit of a risky prospect. There are innumerable fake and fraud survey sites out their and finding the legitimate ones can be as hard as finding needle in a haystack. Research properly and whatever website you choose, make sure to cross check about them before you start working.

The amount of money per survey can be very low but if you work ardently and fill out some surveys every day, at the end of the month you will definitely have something to show for. This is not a bad way to earn online money as the effort you need to provide is very less. You can easily do the surveys even if you have a day job and a family life.

6) By providing Backlinks

Every website requires backlinks (links from other websites to its pages) to woo the search engines. Building backlinks is a natural process and can take months or years. Some websites take an alternate way and pay other site owners to provide backlinks for them. They may also want to pay in terms of reciprocal backlinks but since we are talking about money here, let’s stick to that. Depending on his desperation level, you can earn a fair amount of money from these links. For example if it is a product website and the owners are desperate for visibility, they might be ready to pay a good sum for each link.

Be careful about the placements of those links. Always try to put the links in pages where content of your webpage matches the content of the target webpage. Putting the links for cancer treatment on a page about vacuum cleaners is not a smart move. Search engines look down upon such things and may ban your website.

review products

7) By Writing Product Reviews

There are newbie authors and product manufacturer companies out there looking for good reviews on their products. If you stick around the freelance writing websites long enough, you will definitely find a few of these projects. All the employers want you to do is to log on to a certain website and write a glorious review about their products. Once again, based on the desperation, they might provide good bucks for a few lines of praise from you.

8) By Clicking Links

There are websites called Aurora websites that pay people to click on certain links on a webpage. The mechanics behind how they earn money from the clicks is complicated and none of your concern. All you need to do is find such a website, get registered, start clicking on links and get paid at the end of the month or week. Once again it involves very less effort so the payments are less too.

These are just some of the ways to make money online. There is a lot of money internet can generate for you provided you have the correct know-how. I hope this busts the internet myth that online making is a scam. Do not forget to read my blog about “Home Based Businesses Can Be An Amazing Source Of Income”. All the very best for your online money earning ventures!

Is There A Walter White Inside Each Of Us?

I am a big fan of the TV show “Breaking Bad”. Over the years I have seen many Emmy winner shows on TV and many Oscar winning movies as well but none has shaken me from the core as has this show. This little stroke of genius made me rethink my life in more than one ways. Now I believe that there is light and dark, yin and yang inside each of us. A lot of us have done things that we are not amazingly proud of and wouldn’t repeat those mistakes ever in our lives. But sometimes a question bugs me. Are those rare moments of relentlessness who we really are? Are these socially acceptable good guy images just fronts that so carefully and effectively hide our animal instincts?

And when I say socially acceptable, the question that rises to mind is why society is so important? Do we do things just so that we do not get alienated? Is it really the way to live a life? And by doing whatever we want I never for a second mean criminal activities. Walter was dealing in drugs because he had no choice. He had to make a lot of money in very little time and that was his best option. But that situation? Is not it the fault of the society to make good medical facility not affordable to a dedicated teacher like him? Each year thousands of law abiding middle class men die from diseases like cancer just because their jobs cannot pay their medical bills. And if they decide to take things in their own hands fight back, the society just says that they have gone rogue and shuns them.

Walter White

Walter’s changed attitude, however, is something we can all learn from. A lot of times in our lives, we do not get what we want just because we are afraid to claim what is rightfully ours. We let that one mean friend always take the best piece of the cake. We reluctantly agree to work weekends because we cannot stand up to our bosses and are afraid to lose our jobs. We are afraid to leave our cozy homes and pursue our dreams because we are afraid of losing what we already have, even though if it is not what we really want. What Breaking Bad taught me is to fight for what I believe is mine, to not to be afraid of putting in the extra effort,

I will never be able to Walt’s attitude in the second season episode when he goes to the mall to shop plumbing stuff. When he catches that guy buying supplies for cooking meth, first his attitude as a chemistry teacher comes out. He instructs him on how to get the best ingredients and how to shop so that he does not get caught. But soon his “Heisenberg” attitude takes over. The attitude that tells him protect his territory, to protect the business he built through physical, mental and psychological effort.

When he goes outside to give those guys to give piece of his mind, he is confronted by a badass dude. That guys must have been in many street fights, has a long rap sheet and probably won’t hesitate to punch a guy in the face, over and over. But as Walt stood their, holding his ground, meaning business, even that guy was not sure whether to mess with Walt or not. Walt’s dialogue “Stay away from my territory” has done more for me than all the teachings from my parents and teachers. It taught me that if you really stand for what you want, there won’t be many people who would want to mess with you. I would love to cherish this realization throughout my life.

Aurangabad Trip – A Trip To The Land Of History

On last April 21st in 2011, I went on a trip to Aurangabad, the city of history and culture, former capital of the Mughal Empire and home to one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. Aurangabad was every bit as I expected her to be, and then some more.

Took a bus from Pune on that fateful Thursday evening and reached Aurangabad at around 11PM. Thankfully hotel booking was already done. It took around 10 minutes to reach the hotel from bus stand by Auto. And it was time to sleep as next day was going to be hectic. We rented a car next morning with the plan to visit 5 of the most prominent spots on that very same day. They would be Panchakki, Biwi Ka Maqbara, Ghrishneswar Temple (One of the 12 Jyotirlingas situated in india), Ellora caves and last but not the least Daulatabad Fort.

We started at around 10:30 Am. There are 17 gates or “Darwajas” scattered around the Aurangabad town built in different times. Previously there were 18 but one could not bear the brunt of time any more and broke down few years back. While on the way to the main spots, you will be able to see some of them, can even get out an click a few pic as some of the gates are very nicely built and also bears the evidence of time on their bodies. One cannot help but imagine ancient monarchs passing through them on their majestic elephants and horses and people standing in line saluting and greeting them. And now few centuries later, you are passing through them on a fast moving, chauffeur driven, motorized vehicle feeling the least bit enthralled. Time does pass by so fast! But thankfully such structures will always be there to remind us of times forgotten.

Panchakki Aurangabad

Shortly we reached our first destination, the Panchakki.  It is near the Mahmood Darwaza, one of the 17 gates. Built mostly during the 1695 , Panchakki means Water Mill. Water is kept in a large reservoir, and is made to fall on the mill from quite high. It drives the grinding stone that prepared flour to feed the pilgrims and army men. Excess water is let into the Kham river. The building houses a mosque of Baba Musafir Shah, a sufi saint. It contains some other graves as well and a there is a huge Banyan tree in the front of the entire yard. One large hall is built that uses the bottom of the reservoir as its ceiling. This keeps the hall cool during summer and Pilgrims gathered in that hall during summertime, and they still do. In a museum, some articles used by Musafir Shah and his disciples are kept. It takes around half an hour to finish the visit of  Panchakki. One has to be amazed by the application civil engineering in a structure dating back almost three and a half centuries.

The next destination was Biwi ka Maqbara. A mausoleum erected by Mughal Emperor Azam Shah as a tribute to his mother. Due to its resemblance with Taj Mahal, it is often referred to as Replica Taj Mahal or Taj of the Deccan. From a distance, it looks really majestic and a lot like the Taj itself. The main structure based on a hexagonal structure while four minarets cover the angles. The canal in the front used to contain water once. Now it only does during rainy season, it is said that it enhances its beauty many times.

Biwi Ka Maqbara

The way to the top and front of the main structure is accessed using narrow stairs.  View of the surrounding is quite good from that height and you can easily get distracted by it for a minute or two.  The main burial chamber must be entered bare feet as it houses the grave of the late empress Rabia Durrani. Upon entering the main hall, you reach a circular balcony. The grave is located at bottom center. There are beautiful designs on the walls and ceiling. Strategically created windows which let only part of light pass, create a dramatic ambiance at times. Some pigeons were nestled really cozily in the corners of the chamber.

There are nice ornamentation on the outside walls and doors itself. There was renovation work going on hence some parts were inaccessible. Most the structure however was open and provided some good opportunities for photo shoot. All in all the experience of Bibi ka Maqbara was good, but would have been really good if the sanctity of the mausoleum could be preserved a little more. Constant chatters and too much of crowd kind of dulled the surreal atmosphere that could grow in such a monument.

After that we had a quick lunch and was on the way to the Ellora Caves. One of the most famous series of caves that contains sculptures created by Hindu, Buddhist and Jain devotees. There are total 34 caves spanning across a 4 kilometer diameter. Among them cave no. 16 is the biggest and most popular. It houses the famous Kailashnath temple. This cave is the biggest and contains numerous sculptures along with the temple. The sculptures include that of Shiva Parvati, Ravana, Viahnu and other gods, Different animals (Mostly Elephants) etc. Observing this cave completely takes around one hour itself. Upon entry, towards the left there is balcony at the top which makes for a good photo shooting place. Since the insides are dark, flash must be used for photographs.

Ellora Caves

As you start to observe the sculptures, it does not take long before you immerse in the beauty of them. Almost fifteen centuries ago, a bunch of men equipped with only hammer and chisel, cut down hole mountains to create timeless sculptures to honor their gods. A long time has passed, but the minute details in their work are still awe inspiring. The goddesses are beautiful, the gods are somber, the animals are beastly, the rakshasas are devilish, not one place you will find , where you can say the work was inept. The Shiva-parvati statue is one to definitely look at. Also the sculpture where ‘Nrisinghavatar’ is killing ‘Hiranyakshipu’ is breath taking. I doubt there are many such sculptures in India.

In the center of the cave yard, stairs go up to the Kailashnath temple. The Kailashnath Lingam is situated inside a dark cave while hundreds of devotees throng the place. Taking photographs is allowed but getting a clear shot may take some time due to the crowd and lack of light. Right opposite the cave temple, is a statue of Bhringi, one of Lord Shiva’s two mounts. There are some pillars with beautiful carvings all around the cave. After the 16th cave, most of the other caves are smaller and some are lacking any sculptures inside them. One most notable is Ravan ki Khai( Cave no 14) which has a sculpture of Ravan trying to lift Mt. Kailash. Among others, cave no.1 (Vishvakarma Cave) is a notable Buddhist cave containing a Chaitya, and beautiful carvings on the ceiling.

After we had seen through all the caves we were on our way to the Ghrishneshwar Temple. On of the Jyotirlingas of India, Ghrishneshwar imposes some strict rules on men. First of all no photographs must be taken in and around the temple. I did manage to sneak a shot of the outside of the temple though 😛 Once inside we had to remove our shirts, vests and belts to be able to offer our offerings to the god.

The temple took no more than 30-45 minutes to cover, if not less. By this time, the sun was slowly moving towards the west horizon with the daylight fading. This information is critical as our next destination was the Daulatabad Fort, and we had to complete the climb and descent before dark as there are no lights in the fort or the way up. People were climbing with electronic torches but we took the challenge and decided to complete the tour before dusk.

Daulatabad fort was one of the most impregnable forts all over the world. Protected by long walls, and a moat, this fort had never seen a battle. The climb to the top of the fort consists of about 930 stony steps. Just after the entrance there are 4-5 cannons kept. We decided to postpone the photo shoot till we got back. Then started the steps and ascent. Sometimes there will be long ground to cover between two steps. This gave a chance to catch our breath. However the road and steps are not well maintained and might make for a difficult trek. Some distance on the way, to the right, was Chand Minar. A monument made from red stones, was erected by Ala-Ud-Din Bahamani to celebrate his capturing the fort. It is 210 meters is height and gave us some shooting opportunities.


After Chand Minar, there are few excitements until you get to the top. We had to trudge to pitch black mazes and labyrinths at some places. The steps can be very steep at times. Also crossed a draw bridge on the way. The water beneath once used teem with crocodiles, ready to gobble up any enemy or traitor thrown in. Thankfully none are kept in these modern times. The water we took with us was consumed very fast. But the climb in itself should be pretty fast and we were almost at the top in about half an hour. The Chand Minar looks like a small red candle from that height and gives you and idea how far and high you have come. The final climb to the utmost top is treacherous as the steps are narrow and steep and almost broken. Upon reaching the top, there is a big cannon, that used to protect the fort’s perimeters centuries back. Now it only lies there like an aged crocodile, unable to hunt its prey, and waiting for the final moment to come.

There is also a tomb of one sage over there. The view of the town from top is not as breathtaking as we expected. In fact we were a little disappointed but it may turn greener and better during the rainy season. Chand Minar looks just a little thicker than a matchstick at this point. We took some photographs and started our descent. Still lots of daylight left and we were confident about making it down in time. On the way down we lost our way in the dark maze and went round in the same place, twice. But soon recovered and was on our track. Some photographs of the cannons at the starting were in order and we completed that in about 15 minutes. Soon our car started towards the hotel. We had hurting legs, thirsting throats, unkempt and dusty hair and cloths, but gleaming eyes telling the story of a day well spent. A day when we witnessed and touched a small part of the rich history of our beautiful country.

Next day was to be hectic as well as we had to travel to the Ajanta Caves. It is about 110 kms from Aurangabad and usually takes a whole day’s plan. We booked a car from the hotel for 1600/- and left at around 11:15 in the morning. There were some more gates on the way namely, Rangin Darwaja, Delhi gate, Bhadkal gate etc. We reached Ajanta at around 1:15. upon reaching we had to take a bus of Archaeological Survey of India to the starting of the caves. There from the counter we took the tickets and started climbing towards the caves.

Ajanta is a series of 29 caves consisting Buddhist paintings and sculptures. Caves 1,2 and 16 contain the paintings and to visit them we had to take separate light passes. However flash photography is prohibited in all of the caves. Cave 1 consists the most famous paintings Padmapani and Bajrapani. Age has taken its toll on all the paintings but still the beautiful coloring and detailing created during 2nd BC is enough to spellbound any one by its magic. Those people are lucky who visited these caves during their full glory and marveled at their grandeur.

Ajanta caves

Ajanta being Buddhist caves, contains chaityas in many of them. Also sitting sculptures of meditating Buddha, teaching Buddha, praying Buddha are also pretty common. Most of the caves have numerous small beautiful engravings and sculptures. Cave ceiling’s have been cut as ‘Mandaps’ or canopy, and pillars carved as though decorated with flowers. Sculptures of  ‘Kinnars’ and ‘Yakshas’ are also abound. Cave no. 24 is the biggest but unfinished. It took us around 2 hours to complete viewing all the caves. The caves close at 5 PM so that time should be kept in mind. The beauty and somberness of the caves were breathtaking. Many of the caves would warrant revisiting them and that we did. Especially the caves containing the paintings were worth the second look.

Some of the statues convey a meaning towards life. The overhead beams carried on the back of lonely ‘Yakshas’ show fatigue but when they are carried by ‘Kinnar’ couples, they show bliss. It tells us that burden of life could be really heavy when carried alone but a jiffy when sharing it with others. The sculptures, created with Da Vinci-esque precision shows the the exact body structures while carrying a load. So both design wise and meaning wise these sculptures are truly magnificent. Also the details in the painting of the queen fainting from the news of the King’s death in battle , in cave no 16, is another one to savor. The minute details in dressing and body postures are unbelievable to have been done in an age so ancient. The huge Buddha statues have even their toenails created with scrupulous perfectionism. One of the pillars in a cave (might be cave no 11, can’t remember) creates tabla like music when knocked with the hand. The guards should be happy to tell you the location 🙂

We had some Vadapao after coming down and started towards the hotel. this trip concluded our journey to Aurangabad for that time. We had a great time in those two days, felt like experiencing a different era altogether. We had a bus to catch next day, but it took a long time for the marvels of Ajanta to vanish from my mind and let me sleep that night.

The Greatest Pitfalls Of Working As A Software Engineer

This article is mainly targeted towards those of you who are in high schools or colleges at the moment. Most of you must be contemplating about your career at this point and many of you may have already made up your minds. In this Information Technology driven world, I would not be surprised at all if quite a few youngsters end up choosing the career of a software engineer. Usually, the main driving force behind this decision is peoples’ love for computers. But being a software engineer myself, I would like to share some of the potential pitfalls of the I.T. industry.

Software engineer

1) First of all, the things we do on the PC while we are just entertaining ourselves are completely different from the things you will have to do as a software engineer. After you join a company, you will be trained on different technologies and for the most part of your career you will be working on those technologies only. Sometimes there will be opportunities to switch your specialties but these chances present themselves pretty rarely. So unless you can handle working on the same thing day in and day out for years, the IT industry is not for you.

2. Unlike the jobs in the manufacturing or retail domains, I.T. jobs most of the times do not have fixed in and out times for every day. No matter how early you finish your work, something can and will come up just before you leave for the day. If you are developing a code or creating a tool for the client, it is your responsibility to keep it running perfectly. So, if your tool goes down near the end of the day and if the downtime hampers client’s business, you must fix the issue before leaving even if it takes the whole night. This is the primary reason behind the saying that software engineers cannot enjoy good family lives.

3. When it comes to increments and promotions, I.T. industry is among the worst. In companies of other domains, there is often a proper organizational structure which tells you the posts you can acquire as you gain experience and also which people in your department are in competition with you as far as promotions are concerned. But in I.T., you will barely have any idea about when you will get promoted, how much increment you will get or which designation you will be promoted to. At times you may not be promoted even after having all the necessary credentials and at times you might witness other people surpassing you even though you work harder than them. I do agree that these things happen in every industry but in I.T. these practices are more prevalent.

4. The software industry is a client oriented one. Every step you take will be to satisfy the customer and ensure inflow of future business from them. You will mostly have to work with overseas clients. In order to have meetings with them over phone, you must stay in the office during their work time. Even if that means being on call at 11 PM in the night, you will have to. There is no way you can do things according to your wish. Sometimes you might have to do things the hard way just because the client said so even though if there might be easier ways to accomplish the task.

5. Sometimes your increments and perquisites will depend on the performance of the whole business unit instead of your own. Software companies usually segregate their clients into separate business units to manage them better. There can be business units or verticals like Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, and Retail etc. So if you are working for a Retail company and performing extremely well, your growth can still get impacted if the Retail vertical as a whole did not perform well in the last quarter.

These details are no way intended to terrorize you or keep you away from being a software engineer. These are just some pointers that you need to know beforehand so that you get to know what you will be getting yourself into. Many people join the I.T. industry each year and enjoy a fulfilling career. So if you think you have what it takes to be a software engineer, by all means go for it.