Samsung to launch Galaxy Note 10.1 Inch?

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note

15-th August might turn out to be a big day for technophiles as Samsung has revealed their intentions for announcing something big today. The tech world is already buzzing with anticipation and many experts are speculating that it might actually be the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 inch version.

Samsung had announced the 10.1″ Galaxy Note at the Mobile World Congress last February. The 10.1″ version has new apps and features that are not only certifiably awesome, but the possibilities of S-Pen Stylus has been revamped as well. This tablet is set to come with Android 4.0 (Ice-cream Sandwich) , two cameras, a dual core processor and HD video support.

The specifications are looking nice and powerful but if the launch is confirmed then it might be a direct clash with the recently released Samsung Galaxy SIII. Whether Samsung would like to have two premium offerings clashing with each other is not clear but this might be a ploy to curb the demands for the impending iPhone 5 release.

The invitations sent by Samsung Electronics America to many technology bigwigs mentioned the release of a new Galaxy device. This division of Samsung generally handles non smartphone launches so there is already a high chance that the device is going to be a tablet.  Furthermore, Samsung Galaxy Note is coming to T-mobile soon and there are speculations about a Samsung Galaxy 2.

Now we will just have to wait till 15th August to find out the truth.


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  1. Approximate prize?

  2. Will be known soon 🙂

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