Best International Summer Drinks To Beat The Heat Part 1

Well, the summer is upon us again and due to global warming or whatever, it feels hotter every year. The scorching heat is driving people insane as we seek solace in ice cold drinks to keep ourselves functioning. Everyone has their favourite drinks for summer, non-alcoholic drinks that can be consumed anywhere any time. In order to make things interesting and keep you refreshed a little bit more, let me introduce you to some cool summer drinks from around the world. Hope you enjoy them!

Lassi (India):  It is one of the most popular traditional summer drinks of India. Initially enjoyed only by the people of the state of Punjab, Lassi is now served in restaurant across India and it is prepared in many homes of India as well. This drink is made by mixing curd, water, sugar and ice together. Due to the curd the drink comes out quite thick and it is served chilled. Almonds, peanuts, butter and dry fruits are often added for extra flavour.


Roh or Sugarcane Juice (Pakistan): Sugarcane juice is very popular in the south-east Asian countries and it is considered the national drink of Pakistan. The juice is made by applying pressure to sugarcanes manually or via machines. In summer it is served with ice. Lemon, ginger, mint or black salt is often added to enhance the taste.

sugarcane juice

Ayran (Turkey): Ayran is the national non-alcoholic drink of Turkey. Ayran is a mixture of yogurt, water and salt. Thickness and saltiness of the drink varies from person to person. Apart from its chilled goodness to suppress the summer blues, Ayran is also considered very healthy as it can replenish sodium in the body very fast.


Chicha Morada (Peru): Apart from having a very attractive name, this Peruvian drink is super tasty and super refreshing as well. The base of the drink is Maiz Morado, a purple maize that is boiled with cinnamon, clove, quinces and pineapple until the drink is of deep purple color and the maize is soft.  

chicha morada

Frappe (Greece): Although Frappe is widely available and popular throughout the world, I am compelled to mention it in this list as the Greek were drinking Frappe much before the rest of the world took notice of it. For the uninitiated, it is iced coffee, or cold coffee as some like to call it. A great drink to have in the summer.


Žinčica (Slovakia): This Slovak drink is made from sheep milk and the best type of Žinčica is called Urda. Common types of Žinčica are either sour or salty. It is a highly regarded non-alcoholic summer drink in Slovakia.


Mugicha Tea (Japan): A popular summer refreshment drink in Japan, Mugicha Tea is made from kernels of Barley. Even though it is available in bottled form, there are some homes in Japan that still brew Mugicha Tea at home.

mugicha tea

Kvass (Russia): Kvass is a traditional Russian drink consumed in the summer. It is made by fermenting rye bread. Kvass is considered a non-alcoholic drink as the alcohol is in Kvass is often only 0.05 to 1%. Beet, plum, strawberry, raisin and mint is often added to enjoy different flavours of Kvass.


Agua Fresca (Mexico): Agua Fresca is a refreshing drink made from various fresh fruits and consumed all over Mexico. There are many types of Agua Fresca drinks depending on the fruits used such as Agua de Papaya, Agua de Jamaica, Agua de Fresa, Agua de Melón etc. The fruits are chopped and then blended to create a purée. The purée is mixed with water, sugar and lime juice and served chilled.

agua fresca

Pinolillo (Nicaragua & Costa Rica): It is a traditional drink enjoyed in these two countries round the year but it serves as a summer drink if served cold. Made from milk, water, cocoa powder, sugar, cinnamon and white cornmeal, Pinolillo is so popular in Nicaragua that they call themselves Pinoleros.


Gluehwein (Germany): It is a Apple and Tea punch that requires apple juice, lemon juice, tea, orange juice, sugar, spices and even the orange peels. When the heated mixture is served with ice cubes, it can make you forget the heat right away.


Sorrel Punch (Jamaica): It is a beverage made from dried Hibiscus flowers, if this makes you a little suspicious about this drink, please do not worry. It is a very popular summer drink in the African countries that needs Hibiscus flower, sugar, water and gingerroot. The best thing about this drink is that when served chilled, it makes for a refreshing drink and if you add a dash of rum, it becomes a great party cocktail.

sorrel punch

Telba (Ethiopia): This Ethipian beverage is a creamy drink made from flaxseed, water and honey. Apart from a drink, Telba can be also served as a dessert. It is usually served chilled.


Mote Con Huesillo (Chile): It is a traditional Chilean summer drink that contains no alcohol. It is made from wheat and dried peaches which is cooked in sugar/honey, water and cinnamon. The name of this drink comes from “Mote” the Chilean word for husked wheat.

Mote con huesillos

Lemonade Cordial (France): It is a non-alcoholic French drink made from lemon, mint, sugar and water. After mixing the lemon juice, water, mint and sugar,  it is boiled and simmered. After leaving overnight. the chilled drink is mixed with sparkling mineral water, ice cube and fresh mint before serving.

lemonade cordial

Virgin Orange Blossom (Belgium): It is a replacement for the Orange Blossom cocktail. Using lime soda as a base and mixing with orange juice and almond syrup, the drink is topped up with dry citrus notes and fizz to make up for the lack of hard drinks.

virgin orange blossom

Shirley Temple (Canada): Shirley Temple is available in many countries but the Canadian version is a bit different. It comes in a large glass with Orange juice, lemon-lime soda and grenadine. Have chilled Shirley Temple in the summer and say goodbye to your summertime blues.

shirley temple

Leche Merengada (Spain): Leche Merengada is a traditional Spanish drink that can be made at home or found at restaurants or bars. Made from milk, egg whites, cinnamon, lemon zest and sugar, the mixture of mile, cinnamon, lemon zest and and sugar is cooked and chilled. The milk white is whisked and added to the drink later. Leche Merengada is served chilled with Cinnamon garnish.

leche merengada

VÅR (Norway):

In a country where almost every citizen is a connoisseur of fine cocktails, it is hard to find quality non-alcoholic drinks.  Luckily, there is VÅR. The name VÅR means spring and it is made from fresh fruits and berries. VÅR is available in many flavors such as pineapple, cedar, pear and raspberry.


Saft (Sweden):

Saft is a traditional Swedish drink that is available in both homemade and commercial (bottled) forms. Sweden is known as the country of a thousand berries and each of these berries are available to be turned into a Saft flavor of choice. Saft is to be mixed with water or sparkled water and consumed cold for summertime fun.


Sima (Finland):

Sima is basically a type of Finnish lemon soda consumed during the month of May. It is made from yeast, dark brown sugar, water, granulated sugar, lemon juice and raisins. The brown sugar gives the drink a caramelized taste. It takes around 4 days to prepare this drink and it is served chilled.


Cuáker (Ecuador):

This is an oat based drink that is very popular in Ecuador and yes it borrows its name from the Quaker oats. This drink is made by boiling rolled oats, peeled pineapples, Cinnamon, water and sugar together. The mixture is then boiled or pureed and served cold during the summer.



So there you go. Some of the traditional non-alcoholic drinks to try that originate from different parts of the world. You can try most of these recipes at home and even try your own twists to make them super tasty and refreshing. Enough reading, now it’s time to wait for the 2nd part of this post and indulge :)

6 Reasons To Eat Eggs Everyday

Egg is one of the primary non-vegetarian foods available to us at a cheap price. Yes if you compare the price of eggs with that of chicken, mutton or various red meats, it will prove to be very very cost effective. There was a time when egg was an integral part of the daily diet for many families around the world. Their day started with eggs and ended with eggs.

In the recent years loads of studies and articles have surfaced that claim to have figured egg out as a “bad food”. These studies keep yapping about how egg raises the cholesterol level in the body, increases fat and contributes to cardiovascular diseases. The truth, however, is far from it. Egg is probably the healthiest food on the planet if we consider the amount of nutrition it provides per serving. Here are the top 6 reasons why you should eat eggs every day.



1.  Egg Is The Best Natural Source Of Vitamin:

If you missed the biology class in your school, let me reiterate the vitamins a single egg contains:

  • Vitamin A 8% RDA
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 18% RDA
  • Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) 12% RDA
  • Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H (Biotin) 20% RDA
  • Vitamin B9 (Folate) 12% RDA
  • Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) 56% RDA
  • Vitamin D 32% RDA
  • Vitamin E
  • Choline

As you can see, egg has an impressive list of vitamins contained within it each of which is essential to our overall health. Vitamin A is important for our immune system and skin, Vitamin D is required for healthy bones, teeth, skin and immunity and the Vitamin B group help us in a host of functions from metabolism to cell growth and from liver functions to brain functions. To think of the number of people who need to take vitamin supplements, many of them would do much better if the y consumed at least one egg per day.

2. Egg Contains Some Very Important Minerals:

In order to maintain your overall well being, minerals are just as important as the vitamins. With minerals like Calcium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron, Manganese, Selenium and Iodine, an egg is like a smorgasbord of essential nutrients for the body. Phosphorus is necessary for teeth and bone. Iodine is necessary for the smooth functioning the Thyroid glands and the creation of Thyroid hormones in the body. Selenium works as an anti-oxidant. Iron ,Calcium and Zinc are needed for immunity, blood formation and bone & teeth health.

bolied eggs

Boiled Eggs


3. Egg Increases Good Cholesterol And Improves Heart Health:

There is a strong contingency that believes eggs increase LDL or the bad cholesterol which increases the chances of cardiovascular diseases. In reality, an egg diet actually increases the level of HDL or good cholesterol in the body and improves heart function. According to a study conducted on men and women with metabolic disorders, 3 eggs a day over a period of time helped reduce their insulin resistance and improve the HDL while increasing the size of LDL which makes it harmless .

4. Eggs Help In Losing Weight:

It might come as a surprise but there is a solid reason behind this phenomena. Egg scores the highest on the Satiety Index, an index that indicates how full or satisfied a person feels after eating a particular food. According to a study conducted on 40 overweight women, those who had eggs in the breakfast felt more full and consumed less amounts of food for the rest of the day. This is the reason why people are suggested to eat boiled eggs after an exercise session. Eggs help produce the feeling of fullness without the consumption of too much calories.

5. Egg Helps The Eyes:

Egg contains two antioxidants called Lutein and Zeaxanthin, both are equally important for the improvement of eyesight. Regular consumption of Lutein and Zeaxanthin helps prevent eye problems like Cataract, Macular Degeneration and retinal malfunctions. Eating 2 eggs per day will improve your retina functions and prevent eye diseases that are caused by old age.

Egg Salad

Try interesting recipes like Egg Salad

6. Egg Is The Highest Quality Source Of Proteins:

There are several proteins required by a human body for its functions. It takes 21 amino acids to build these proteins out of which 12 can be produced by the body itself. The rest you can get from egg. Egg not only has these amino acids but it has them in the exact right proportions and structures. Hence the source of protein in eggs is considered to be of the highest biological value of 100.

One fact to remember is that in order to obtain all the goodness an egg has to produce, you have to eat the yolk along with the white. The egg white contains only protein while the yolk has all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids you are looking for. Eat 2 -3 eggs per day and your health will be much better.



General Elections In India Is Over – What Does The Future Hold?

Hello guys, I am posting after a long time. A lot has happened since my last post, we welcomed 2014, the hostile conditions in Syria continues, my post on how to drive safely while drunk (if you absolutely have to) got thrashed over the internet, the World Cup Football 2014 is about to start but most importantly, from India’s point of view, the general elections in India is over and we have got a verdict. It is the Bharatiya Janata Party that recorded a landslide victory and Narendra Modi, former chief minister of Gujarat, is all set to take the helm as the 17th prime minister of India.


indian citizens waiting to cast their votes

The 16th general elections in India was also the longest. It was the largest election in the world with 814.5 million eligible voters. This election also saw the highest voter turnout in Indian history at 66.38%. The verdict was out on 16th May and the results were crystal clear. For the first time after 1984 an Indian party touched the magic number of 272 seats, meaning for the first time in 30 years India is set to get a single party ruling without support.


Narendra Modi

Now, many are ecstatic about Nerendra Modi becoming the prime minister as they feel Mr. Modi will be able to finally turn India into a country of the 21st century. Many are sceptical due to his radical Hindu extremism pasts and the 2002 riots. People change over time hence there is no denying that Mr. Modi might have changed as a leader and a person as well. But to what extent is this true? Has he really changed or has he just dawned the mask of secularism for election’s sake? Will the Muslims be safe under the BJP government? Is vibrant Gujarat a reality or a myth? Questions like these are bouncing around the media and the minds of the people and no easy answer is yet to come by.

If we, for an instant, assume that Mr. Modi has really changed as a person and mended his older ways, that would mean that the Muslim contingent in Gujarat are safe and happy at this moment. In fact that is the picture that has been painted over the last 3 or 4 months. The reality, however, is a little different.

During a recent study conducted by a leading newspaper of India, Muslims in Gujarat expressed their concerns over their real plights being overshadowed by manufactured news. The study revealed that even in premier cities like Ahmedabad, it is still very difficult for a Muslim to get a rented house. Muslim women are taunted, teased and abused at every opportunity hence many of them have been forced to leave their jobs. A Muslim NGO worker told the newspaper that the stories of vibrant of Gujarat were grossly over-hyped.

godhra riot

Fire of hatred – The Godhra Riot

Apart from his Godhra riot connections, a horrific massacre of human lives that took place in 2002, there are doubts over the financial solidity of Gujarat as well. Numerous Indians, both young and senior citizens, are almost worshipping Mr. Modi as a messiah of financial breakthrough, a healing force that will bring the reeling Indian economy on track just by his sheer presence. During the election campaign, the success of the “Gujarat model” and how Mr. Modi will use this same model to straighten up Indian economy have been reiterated again and again. There is, however, one small problem. India is not Gujarat. India is a collection of 32 states and 6 central territories, a country where each state has its own unique problems. If Mr. Modi or anybody for that matter believe that the “Gujarat Model” will work for the violence riddled north eastern states or the terrorism  burdened state of Jammu and Kashmir, it is difficult to vouch for their mental sanity.

gujarat children

Even Mr. Modi could not change this picture

Closely scrutinizing the “Gujarat Model” reveals that Mr. Modi an his government has given tremendous importance on the growth of business in the private sector. This has created a lot of job opportunities in the larger cities while the human resource index in the villages and remote areas keep dwindling. In terms of child health, nutrition, education and healthcare, Gujarat’s growth has been minimal.

Even after keeping all these negatives in mind, it cannot be denied that the people of India have spoken and they have chosen Mr. Narendra Modi and BJP as their leaders for the next 5 years. A government without support from the allies mean that it will never have its hands tied for the sake of keeping the government alive. Mr. Modi has got a great opportunity to prove his words right and his opponents’ wrong. One thing is for sure, if he tries to blindly implement the “Gujarat Model” everywhere or leads another manhunt against the Muslims, history will throw him away just like it has thrown the Indian National Congress away. Now it is time to wait and watch.


Top 6 Reasons Why Direct Selling Businesses Work

A lot of people have been arguing for decades why direct selling businesses cannot or will not work. But the fact remains that it is one of the most prominent types of businesses and it has existed for almost a century. In fact companies like Amway and Tupperware are actually older than Microsoft and Apple. Even after all those nay-sayers running amok, several MLM and direct selling companies are listing growth and profit every year. This made me question the basic premises on which the negative arguments stand.

direct selling busienss owners

Before I delve deeper into the discussion, let’s understand a fact that there are many cheat and fraud MLM and direct selling companies out there. The points I am going to make will help you find the companies which are legitimate and actually make the partners gain profit. A basic observation though. There have been several Ponzi schemes and fraud “chit funds” that have swindled common people out of their heard earned money for centuries. But there seems to be much less awareness about these fraud financial companies than the direct selling businesses.

1) Legitimate Direct Selling Businesses Require Small Fees To Join:

On an average, it does not take more than 30 to 100 USD to join a direct selling business. At least that is what the legitimate ones charge. If a company is asking for more than that, there is a high chance of fraudulent activity. The more money you invest in a business, the harder it is to break even and it is true for all forms of businesses. MLMs that require a small fee to join allows people to recover their amounts fast and easily.

direct selling buisnesses

2) Only 3% People Succeed In Direct Selling Business For A Reason:

It is one of the pet figures of anti-MLM people who use it as a tool to prove that this type of business is not for common people (read honest people). However, this low percentage is there for a reason. Do we know how many shops, restaurants and other businesses open and close each year? The numbers are surely staggering. The best thing about MLM businesses is that anybody can join the business for a small fee without any interviews, exams and such. Hence, a lot of people join these companies out of a whim and then do not follow through. If there were stringent joining procedures in place, the percentage of successful people in MLMs would have been much higher.

3) People Do Not Use Their Common Senses:

I have seen many people buy a huge number of products after joining a direct selling business in the hopes of selling it for profit. But the funny thing is that a business does not run on hope, it runs on calculation. I have seen many people lose large amounts of money by doing this and then blame the business. Well, play it smart and buy only the amount you are sure you can move or buy them when someone places an order.

direct selling

4) Don’t Fall For Fake Promises:

If you are promised that you will make thousands of dollars within just a couple of months of joining the business and roll in money within a year, there is plenty to be suspicious about. If you still decide to join that business and then the business turns out to be a scam, do not go blaming all the direct selling businesses. Only join those which guarantee profit through hard work and dedicated effort and that too in believable amounts.

5) Pyramid Schemes And MLMs Are Not Same:

Pyramid schemes pay you money for presenting the business plan to someone and inspiring him to be a part of the business. Legitimate direct selling business will never offer you money if someone joins the business using your recommendation. Profits in the real ones are always linked to the amount of products you move or amount of business you generate for the company. There are no freebies.

direct selling business growth

6) Make Sure That The Products Are Genuine And Marketable:

If you are approached by two business where one has a “Wonder Disk” that purifies water, increases energy when someone holds it and calms the mind when placed on head and another company that has a “Health Drink” which is bio-organically manufactured and has all the nutrients clearly mentioned on the label, which company do you trust or join? The decision is simple right? Well, the reality is quite different. A lot of people join companies with suspicious products and when they fail, they blame the direct selling business on a whole.

It does not take much money to join a direct selling business or to become successful in it. All it take is to tread a bit carefully and apply some common sense. In a study, almost 90% business owners of legitimate direct selling companies expressed that they were happy with the business model and experience. So next time you come across a negative article about direct selling, use your brain and question the points with an open mind.

Top 6 Supplements For A Healthy Heart

Heart disease is one of the most dangerous health issues of modern world. Almost 2 in every 5 males over 40 suffer from heart related complications and the numbers are increasing with each passing day. There are numerous medications and drugs available in the market but their effects are definitely limited by the lifestyle we lead and the food we take. Bad habits like smoking and excessive drinking have not done the situation any good. Add the increasing stress of work life and you will get an idea.

heart health

Thankfully, there are some very high quality supplements in the market that can aid the medications to decrease risks of heart diseases. These supplements mainly work by decreasing the levels of bad LDL cholesterol and reducing blockages in the arteries. Some of the supplements are readily available in the market while others may take some searching. Here we list the top 6 supplements that can improve heart health and reduce risks of heart attacks.

1) Omega 3 Fatty Acid:

An all time favourite when it comes to heart health. Omega 3 fatty acid contains good HDL cholesterol and decreases LDL levels in the body. Omega 3 is abundant in Fish Oil and Flaxseed oil. Usually 1 to 5 Grams of fish oil per day should do the trick. Now-a-days Omega 3 is often included in refined cooking oils. But too much Omega 3 can cause bleeding so get the dosage you require after approval from a doctor. Also only use this supplement from vendors who clearly mention Mercury levels in the fatty acid supplement.

2) Niacin Or Vitamin B3: 

Studies show that when taken with standard Statin drugs, Niacin helps reduce LDL cholesterol levels by as much as 50% while increasing HDL levels by up to 20%. According a recent study, a control group of 500 people with heart diseases showed almost 25% less chances of heart attacks when treated with 500 Mgs of Niacin daily.


3) Garlic:

Garlic has an Amino Acid called Alliin which is broken into Allicin inside the body once consumed. Studies has proven that Garlic actively reduces blood pressure and hypertension. Garlic is readily available in the market and adding some of it in the daily diet can help heart patients on medication.

4) Quenzyme Q10 Or CoQ10:

Proven to reduce levels of blood pressure, CoQ10 increases the energy production at cellular level and reduces blood clots which is a direct result of increase in LDL levels. It is shown to reduce chances of second heart attacks and heart related discomforts. In many parts of US and Europe special CoQ10 enriched food is available for heart patients.

5) Red Yeast Rice:

Another hot favourite heart supplement. This food item has a number of elements that actively reduce LDL levels in blood. Reduced LDL slows down accumulation of fat inside arteries and blockage. This helps removing chances of Angioplasty or Bypass operation and heart failures.

Vitamin D

6) Vitamin D And Magnesium:

Both these elements help reduce blood pressure. Magnesium also reduces the chances of Type-2 Diabetes and medical science has established the link between Diabetes and heart diseases. Keeping Diabetes in control can not only help prevent future heart related complications but it can also help people with existing heart conditions. Vitamin D deficiency can increase the chances of subsequent heart attacks and strokes.

These supplements are always to be taken with the medications prescribed by your doctor.  They work best when coupled with a healthy lifestyle and controlled food intake. Failure to practice such healthy activities will surely damage the heart health in the long run. Eat healthy, stay healthy and enjoy an active and fulfilling life.

A Word Of Caution: Some of these supplements can interfere with your current heart medication or some other drugs you might be taking. Also ensure that you only take the amount suggested by your doctor.

Top 9 Exam Preparation Tips From Around The World

Fear of failing exams has plagued innumerable students throughout the course of modern education system. As the exam day in school comes near, students start lamenting on the golden time they have wasted through the year or the semester and start frantically preparing for the exam. The situation is even worse in colleges where students hardly start preparation before the last day before exam. But there are some highly efficient tips and tricks that can help you do well in those exams even after all the mischief throughout the year. Some of these techniques are universally applicable while some I devised on my own. So here they are:

exam preparation

1) Do Not Memorize, Understand:

Understanding a subject helps you remember it without breaking a sweat as information flows in your brain from one logical end to another. During the classes, if you do not understand anything, ask the teacher over and over. At least in the classes that you attend. If that boy sitting beside you calls you teacher’s pet or something, do not bother. He is not going to help you during the exams.

It is easy for mathematical subjects but there are things to understand in subjects like history too. Often the reason behind a couple of 17th century wars is because someone did something in 16th century. Once you get those facts straight, you won’t have to blindly memorize and hope for the best.

2) Take Breaks While Studying:

When you finally get down to exam preparation, the exam will be only 24 to 36 hours away. So, every second will feel like gold dust and you will most likely not take any breaks. But that is not a good strategy. Even during such tight situations, you must take 10-15 minutes break every 45 – 60 minutes of studying. It will refresh your mind and allow the brain to process the unrelenting flood of information. Just do not overdo it.

3) Squeeze In At Least 4 – 5 Hours Of Sleep:

It might seem like a lot of time but it will come in handy. I was one of those people who like to study through the night and morning and sleep once the exam is over. But once in college I experienced a complete memory whitewash. I read the whole night before, was amply prepared and paper was quite easy too. But once in the exam hall, I forgot the answers to the easiest questions. That I believe was the direct result of staying up the whole night. I passed the subject but got much less than I should have. Since then, I never forget to sleep a few hours.

4) Make Bullet Points Of Topics:

As you study topics of the syllabus, make bullet points of the important information as you go. This will make the job the easier when you revise. You will then have to study only the important information and not rummage through the unimportant junk in your textbook. This way, you might even be able to squeeze in a second revision before the exam starts.

exam going on

5) Try To Gauge The Type Of Questions In The Exam:

Often times, you teachers will set the paper themselves. Analyzing their teaching pattern and the topics they stressed on during the year will help you guess the more important questions in the exam. You can even ask them for some pointers before the exam. More often than not, they will drop a few hints about the chapters to concentrate on. Otherwise you can refer the yesteryear’s questions and get an idea.

6) Ask The Teacher About The Marking Scheme:

You can easily ask the teacher about how they mark answers. It is perfectly OK to ask this question and they are obligated to tell you. After all, if writing 3 points to a 5 marks question earns you full marks, why would you try and write 5 points. Similarly, information about the marking on all types of question will get your efforts more focused and yield better results.

7) Read The Questions Thoroughly:

It’s a basic rule that we forget to abide by throughout our academic career. Set aside at least 10 – 15 minutes to read the questions properly. Often a question might seem to have one meaning but after careful reading might reveal another. If you have a good understanding of all the questions, you can easily make up for these 15 minutes later in the exam.

8) Start With The Question You Can Answer Best:

This is only possible if you read the question properly. Answering the easiest question first helps you in many ways. First, it will increase your confidence and jump start your brain. Secondly, it usually takes some time for you to pick up speed during exam. It takes around an hour before you start writing first and your brain starts working at full capacity. It is best that you write the easiest answer when your brain is still getting warmed up.

exam preparation technoques

9) Do Not Dwell On once Th Exam Is Over:

If you keep thinking about the questions you missed or answered wrong long after the exam is over, you will hamper the preparation for the next exam. The first thing to do after the exam is over is to take a deep sleep. It will clear you mind and get you ready for the next exam.

These are some of the steps I learnt and implemented to some success. There is replacement for studying all year but very few of us actually do that. So if the preparation has boiled down to the last moment, prepare smart and you should be able to pass the exam if not actually ace it. All the best!



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